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We warmly welcome to join us with in Gofore Gigs! Read below what we are about and how to get started. It’s super simple – we wish to provide you with an effortless, value-adding and enjoyable experience.

Welcome to Gofore Gigs!

Welcome to Gofore Gigs, a partner platform curated for mutual benefit. This is a place where we publish our customer needs, and you get to offer your or your experts’ knowledge. No more trying to reach the people responsible though calls and emails – with a digital service available, all of this becomes faster, more transparent, and more secure.

Gofore Gigs is your new way of finding meaningful project opportunities. Let’s get started!

Gofore Gigs in short

Gofore Gigs was launched as a proof-of-concept, where the potential was discovered fairly quickly. The full version was made available in the spring of 2023. Gofore Gigs is directly linked to Gofore’s internal resourcing system, Hohto, where customer needs are processed and matched with our expertise.

Start by registering

No complicated forms or waiting for someone to contact you – signing up with us is made easy. Start by registering your company or if you are a freelancer, set up a freelancer account.

  • You can set up your account by using one of the authentication service provider’s we have set up for you
  • After signing in, you are asked to fill out some information about your company, like home country and what capabilities you can offer
  • Then add your own contact information and voilá - you are in!

After completing the registration, you can go to the company dashboard and start adding experts to your company. If you are a freelancer, remember to fill out information on your expertise.

Top tip! Gofore will also have visibility on the capabilities added to your Gofore Gigs account, meaning we might also make the initiative on asking for a suitable candidates. It’s good to keep your information up to date, to maximise the full potential on our partner ecosystem.

We are waiting for your experts

When you are ready, you can start searching for suitable gigs on the “Open gigs” section - we will always publish all needs available for partner candidates to Gofore Gigs.

If you have a gig on sight, go ahead and make an offer!

  • When offering, you will be asked to fill out a proposed hourly rate for the expert. We have expressed our preferred hourly rate on the gig details, so you can reference that
  • This is only an offer: the final price will be negotiated at later stages
  • You can also fill in some additional information on your expert, if you wish to. For example, it would be good to know if the expert is not ready to start on the given start date, or if they have some special skills related to the certain gig.

After offering, you can just sit back and wait. If needed, you can always add more experts to your offer before the expert offer deadline, or remove ones if they have not advanced to the “Offered to customer” stage.

If you are a freelancer, just fill out your hourly rate and additional information if needed and boom, that’s it!

Let the matching magic happen!

After we have received your offer, it’s time for the evaluation. All candidates are handled in our matching system, and we will look at the whole pool of possible candidates when making decisions. If we have anything to ask about your experts, your offer or we need to establish partnership agreement with you, we will contact you for more information*.

You will be informed of the results by email and on the company dashboard in Gofore Gigs. If the end result is not a match, we will always give out some reason for rejection. However, we of course hope it is a match, so that you’ll get to work with us on a super awesome project!

*If there’s a match with your expertise for the first time, we will contact you and create the partnership frame agreement to enable our collab to start!

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